With warming temperatures, pond turtles have emerged from hibernation at the bottom of the beaver pond.



Every stump and log in the pond is covered with turtles, mostly Red-belied Cooters, Painted Turtles and Red-eared Sliders.




In some places, the pond is covered with a bubbly organic slime that looks like something from a witch’s cauldron.




New green plants line the Beaver Pond Trail. but trees are still bare.



Some shrubs have green buds and leaves are starting to open on multiflora rose brambles.




Migrating Ring-neck ducks mingle with Canada Geese.  Some geese are just passing through, but others stay in the area all year.




A White-breasted Nuthatch creeps up and down a tree trunk looking for insects in the bark.




A pair of Canada Geese demonstrate romantic interest by stretching their necks close to the water.




One goose pair has built a nest on the edge of the lower pond. The gander (male) stands watch while the female goose sits on the nest.




The American Coots I saw on previous visits are still here.




Beside the beaver dam, fresh wood chips at the base of a tree prove that beavers are still here, still at work.