A battle erupts when Canada Geese encroach on territory already occupied by nesting geese.



A peaceful scene greeted my arrival–a female goose sitting on a nest while her mate stood guard nearby.



Suddenly, the water churns as two males battle for supremacy at the pond.



After a series of skirmishes, the defending gander declares victory and returns to his nesting mate.



All day, the sky has been gray. The landscape around the pond is gray, too–but not for long.



Wildflowers are preparing to put on a colorful show.  Many Virginia Bluebells and Dutchman’s Breeches are covered with buds and a few have started blooming.



All around the beaver pond and the shore of the nearby Potomac River, Spicebush shrubs are covered with lime-green flowers.




The beaver dam appears to be in good shape, but there’s an opening on one side where a trickle of water flows through, entering a stream that flows into the Potomac River.



The gnawed base of a nearby tree indicates that beaver have been working here.  I still haven’t seen a beaver.  But, I’m confident that, one day, I will come face to face with one.