All spring, the leaves of yellow pond lilies (spatterdock) have been growing up from the bottom of the pond to the surface.



The sun penetrating the first unfurled leaves them them a jewel-like glow.




Also contributing color to the landscape are birds:  Northern Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees and Blue-gray gnatcatchers. An Osprey, recently returned from winter vacation, soars over the pond.


A nuthatch displays its acrobatic skills, at times clinging upside down on a tree branch.



Some wildflowers are in bud and a few have already begun to open.  Bloodroot is one of the early bloomers. Its single white blossom is wrapped in a furled leaf. like a babe in a  swaddling blanket, before emerging in full bloom.



Spring Beauties, Dutchman’s breeches and Cutleaf Toothworts are close behind, followed by Virginia bluebells, still tightly budded.





Soon, the forest will be a jewel box of sapphire blue, topaz yellow, rose quartz pink and pearly white.