Apr. 15, 2015 – While trees are still in bud, wildflowers are partying in the sunshine.  Virginia Bluebells, Trout Lilies, Dutchman’s Breeches, Violets, Toothworts . . . they’re all here.

Toothworts don’t much resemble teeth. Dutchman’s Breeches DO resemble teeth, but that’s not reflected in their name.  Trout Lilies look like  yellow shooting stars and  grow in large patches, but only a few will bloom in a given year. Very often,  Dutchman’s Breeches can be found growing next to a decaying log. The violets here are typically a rich purple, but  white and yellow versions also appear.


Virginia Bluebells are the belles of this ball, flashing their blue petticoats all along the Beaver Pond and Potomac River Trails.

Two, possibly three, pairs of Canada Geese appear to be settling in to raise families here. I’m looking forward to the pitter-paddle of tiny webbed feet.



On the shore of the pond, a large tree visible from the road signals the presence of beavers. The nation’s largest rodent prefers to work in the evening, but may come out earlier when the mood strikes them.



The shoreline is much greener, I notice, than a week ago. This time of year, changes come quickly.