Apr. 19, 2015 – Wildflowers in many colors brighten the woodlands surrounding the beaver pond. Spring beauties, cutleaf toothwort, Virginia blueBells, violets and dogtooth lilies abound.


New birds sighted today include the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Magnolia Warbler and American Widgeon.

The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher moves quickly and erratically as it tries to catch small flying insects. It’s a tiny bird, only four inches long.




The Magnolia Warbler‘s black mask makes it look like a flying “Zorro.”  It nabs a small, green worm then sits back to savor the feast.




A female American Widgeon, a medium size duck, is hunting for aquatic vegetation in the beaver pond, which provides an abundant supply. Probably, she is on her way to breeding grounds in the northwestern United States and Canada.