Jun. 1, 2015 – On the first day of June, the Beaver Pond Trail is a tunnel of green, and the beaver dam is covered with jewel weed. Spatterdock, or yellow pond lily, is still prevalent but under siege from an army of insects.



In the shady woods, a brilliant blue damselfly rests on a leaf. At the pond, a dragonfly perches on a sunlit and insect-ravaged pond lily.



A moist spot on the access road attracts one of the park’s butterflies.




On the pond’s eastern side, next to the C&O Canal trail, two hungry squirrels feed on leaves and the inner bark of trees. One seems very interested in the photographer.



In the woods of Fort Frederick State Park, a Blue Jay and an Eastern Towhee scout for their dinners.



In wet areas, yellow marsh marigolds are abloom.  Honeysuckle vines, abundant at the wood’s edge, are covered in small white and yellow flowers.  Beside the pond, purple iris blossoms emerge atop sword-like leaves. In some areas of the park, tulip poplar trees are covered with the tulip-shaped flowers that gave them their name.