Aug. 12, 2015 – On the pond’s shore, a deer encounters a tiny bird.

On the beaver pond’s steep, eastern slope, a White-tailed Deer browsed on foliage. After a few minutes, it stopped and stared at a branch where a small bird sat watching it. The bird (possibly a phoebe) seemed unafraid of the curious doe, and the doe was careful not to disturb the tiny bird when as she resumed browsing along the shore.


The forest of spatterdock (AKA Yellow Pond Lily) has disintegrated, adding its decaying leaves to the organic matter at the bottom of the pond, where it will feed snails and water insects, then fish, then birds, raccoons and other critters.



As dusk nears, I look out across the lower pond and see something moving. It’s the beaver, cruising for food, probably. There’s no shortage of that here.



The setting sun casts a warm glow on the sky and signals closing time at the park.



The final show is a knockout.