Sep. 23, 2015 – A “v” formation of Canada Geese and an increase in warblers signal that fall migration is underway.  On this sunny day, the trees are filled with hungry birds foraging for food.



For birds stopping over near the beaver pond, as well as the year-round residents, a fruit bounty awaits, including spice berries, rose hips, and Virginia Creeper berries.



Hummingbirds continue to drop in to feast on the nectar of Jewelweed on the beaver pond’s shady shores.



From a distance, autumn color around the pond appears muted, still.



At a closer range, brilliant-colored leaves reveal themselves. When backlit by the sun, they resemble stained glass.



Sycamores are still green, but less so than a few weeks ago.



It has been a lovely autumn day, but soon it’s time to leave. From the safety of a tree, a squirrel bids me farewell.