Early morning fog unveils several surprises for visitors to the beaver pond.




The gray veil hanging over the landscape make it look like the cover for a mystery novel.




In the distance, Canada Geese move like ghosts on the water.




The unusually warm temperatures have lured turtles out of their winter hibernation at the bottom of the pond. Space on partially submerged stumps and logs is highly prized, but a spot on the shore will do.




It’s a bit jarring to see seedlings emerging at this time of year, when there’s little green to be found other than the moss that covers fallen trees.







A squirrel looking for breakfast suddenly turns around and looks surprised to see me taking his picture. My presence must not worry him because he promptly returns to foraging.




After awhile, the sun comes out and casts shadows on the leaf-strewn Beaver Pond Trail. Walking along the trail, I encounter a birder, fishermen, and a family of hikers.




There’s even a group of people on horseback and muleback winding along the trail.




As 2015 comes to a close, it’s good to see that the beaver dam is in good shape, still a rich resource for wildlife and people.